Digital Products Terms of Use
Thank you for your interest in a Tooshtoosh digital product.

This document specifies your licensing terms when making a purchase of a digital product - including tubes, scrap kits and any other digitally delivered item that is offered by the site.


upon registering at, you receive a confirmation email which contains your unique license number. You will use that licens code for any of the digital item purchases you make at our site. Your license code is also avaialable to you through the "My Account" link.
Your license code by itself does not give you any right to use any Tooshtoosh artwork that you did not purchase yourself.


Purchasing a digital item at does NOT make you the owner of its content. It only gives you a license to make personal digital use of its contents.
Permitted personal use includes:
-Email templates
-Signature tags
-Social networks templates and layouts

Note that You MUST combine the contents of your digital item in your own creation when making a publicly visible use of your digital item - You may not share your purchased item as is.

Any use (Remember: digital personal use only) you make of ANY content supplied to you inside your digital item must contain a credit to Tooshtoosh in the folowing format:


The credit and license code must be easily readable.


It is prohibited to make any use of any Tooshtoosh art, images and creations without purchasing the item from and having a valid license issued by

It is prohibited to use your license with creations that do not contain Tooshtoosh art.

It is prohibited to print out ANY content supplied to you inside your digital item, whether as the original creation or as part of your own creation, without a written consent by Tooshtoosh.

It is prohibited to "give", sell, share or redestribute in any way , digital or other, the original content of your digital item. you may only non commercialy digitally redistribute your OWN creation which contains content from your digital Tooshtoosh item, in accordance with the other rules stated here.

It is prohibited to combine Tooshtoosh art with the works of other artists which require their own copyright credit.

It is prohibited to combine Tooshtoosh art with any content that is obscene, offensive, blasphemous, pornographic, unlawful, threatening, menacing, abusive, harmful, racist, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, illegal or otherwise objectionable.

It is prohibited to put any other web address on creations containing Tooshtoosh art.

It is prohibited to alter others' creations which contain Tooshtoosh art, unelss you have also purchased all relevant items from, and have received the written consent of the original author.

It is prohibited to have "blanks" in your creations. Blanks are tags/sections in your creations which are left blank so that other users would be able to customize, i.e. add their name / personal message.

It is prohibited to sell creations that contain Tooshtoosh art. Accepting donations for these creations is also prohibited. To be clear : You may not receive money, goods or services in return for creations which contain Toshtoosh Art.

It is prohibited to make any commercial use of Tooshtoosh Art. This includes promotional items of any kind.

It is prohibited to alter Tooshtoosh objects in your creation. No drawing over / using accessories, please.

It is prohibited to apply color changes only to parts of objects you bought from when you use them in your creations. Grayscaling / hue alterations of an entire object is allowed.

It is prohibited to publish creations which contain Tooshtoosh art in a resolution greater than 72dpi (or ppi).

Your creations can be any size you want. However, Tooshtoosh objects within your creation cannot exceed 550 pixels on their larger side.


Animation is allowed, but should be done according to all other rules stated here. Eye blinks are allowed.

When extra eyes and eye lids are provided, they are to be used for blinking eyes animation only. They can only be used to replace the eyes of the character in the same png file they are supplied with. They must exactly overlap the original eyes as to not harm the integrity of the original character.

Freebies - We offer some free psp tubes and packages. When you obtain these free items, you are still bound by all of the rules stated in this page. All rules that apply to purchased items, apply to free items as well. You must register and download these free items from in order to use them. You must include the credit and your license number when combining them in your creation. You may not give these items to others even though you got them for free. If you would like to inform others of these items, you should post a link to, Do not redestribute the item yourself! You may not make any commercial use of these items.


If you are not sure if your intended use of a Tooshtoosh items is allowed, please contact us before purchasing the item. reserves the right to change the terms listed here without prior notice. When purchasing a Tooshtoosh digital item, you agree to receive emails with updated terms of use or a link to them. You must read and follow the updated terms in any future use of your Tooshtoosh items. reserves the right to revoke the license and/or take legal action against users who have failed to comply with these terms.

I know all the stuff above isn't fun to read. It's not fun to write either.
But some of it is crucial to the survival of this site and the efforts put into it.
All that's written here wasn't meant to break your spirit.
If you feel a certain rule is taking it too far, write to me, and I might change it.
If you have a very specific use for my art, which is in breach of these terms, don't buy the item. Instead, write to me, and we might reach an agreement.
Most importantly, have fun!


The Digital Item terms of use were last modified on October 17 , 2010.


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